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I am dedicated to helping women harness the power of change and growth to achieve their goals and create fulfilling lives for themselves and those around them through motivational speaking and one-on-one coaching.

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Personal Growth

Empowerment coaches assist clients in identifying their goals and developing an actionable plan to achieve them.

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Confidence Building

Through consistent coaching sessions, individuals can build self-confidence and self-esteem, learning to value their abilities and potential.

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Improved Decision Making

Empowerment coaching can improve decision-making skills by helping individuals understand their values and align their decisions with these values.

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Affirmation Cards

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“Chandra Fussell is an electrifying motivational speaker.  She is phenomenal,  captivating and  inspires everyone she comes in contact, both on and off the stage. Her work ethics and attention to detail marvels her peers and audiences everywhere and keep them engaged and  wanting more when she is done. I am honored to work with her..”

Jade McDaniel, Julia Jade Realty LLC

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